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Making Posters

Apply to be on the 2024-2025 FCSC Board

• Board Position descriptions can be found in our bylaws here, please direct questions to our Parliamentarian.

• All board positions require commitment to the FCSC and it’s board meetings and events.

• Job descriptions can be provided, if needed. You can also find these in our Bylaws list on our website.

 • All applications are subject to approval and are not guaranteed

Applications can be submitted using the form below, or you may download our digital application and email it to


Apply Now

Help us make a difference

Would you like to run for an elected position on the FCSC Executive Board?
If Yes, which elected position(s) are you interested in?
Would you like to be considered for an appointed position?
If Yes, which appointed position(s)?
Are you interested in being a event Chair?
If Yes, which chair position(s)?
Are you able to attend board meetings once a month? These are usually the first Wednesday of the month before noon.
Are you able to attend luncheons once a month? These are usually the third Wednesday of the month.

Thank you for applying to volunteer with FCSC!

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